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Black Mountain Elementary
Leading with our heart, hands, and head!
Our Learning Story

 Leading with our heart, hands and head!

Black Mountain
is an exciting Leader In Me learning community where we empower our students to be their best using their head, heart and hands.  Our students are safe, connected, and valued in our school where we expect them to think, to have empathy, and to contribute.  On a recent student feedback survey (2017), 71% stated the best things about Black Mountain are the friendly people, and the great environment.  On one feedback form a student wrote, "The best thing about BME is the caring, loving teachers and students."  And, one other student wrote, "The best thing about BME is everyone is happy, joyful, and kind to each other."
It's true - each day at BME we celebrate active citizenship, and encourage our students to respect not only themselves, but others.  Older students at Black Mountain take pride in their school community and are seen as leaders by the younger students.  Students respect and look out for one another, regardless of age, and even take the time to know each other's names. One can often see appropriate behaviours being modeled and taught by older students to younger ones - during Buddy Time, Shared Reading time, and playground time to name a few.  
We are fortunate to have a caring, committed, and knowledgeable staff that collaborate together, and build important relationships to consider all aspect of the child.  Our staff provide an inclusive and differentiated learning community.  Overall the staff is valued in the community as caring individuals who work hard and are committed to building positive relationships.  Our staff consists of 20 classroom teachers, who are supported by a principal, a vice principal, a learning assistant teacher, a Learning Commons teacher, an Arts Education teacher, a teacher-librarian, a counselor, a resource teacher, an indigenous advocate, and several certified educational assistants servicing approximately 450 students.


At BME we proudly support our district's attributes and one goal statement. Black Mountain is a true learning community for the 21st century which honours collaboration, communication, connection, and creativity.  We promote our district's one goal of ensuring our students understand and demonstrate what it means to be a learner, thinker, innovator, contributor, and collaborator.

We also recognize and honour the First Peoples Principles of Learning, and work towards integrating this perspective into the learning experiences that we create for our students.  These principles remind us that learning:

  • supports the wellbeing of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits and the ancestors
  • is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential and relational
  • involves recognizing the consequences of one's actions
  • involves generational roles and responsibilities
  • recognizes the role of indigenous knowledge
  • is embedded in memory, history, and story
  • involves patience and time
  • requires exploration of one's identity
  • involves recognizing that some knowledge is sacred

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